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 Welcome to Paintex Equipments Trading & Factory Machineries Supply Minimize
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  The Man behind PaintEx...

PaintEx was established by a very hard working businessman Issam Mahmoud Alaskari. With his wide range of experiences and knowledge, PaintEx has now became one of the leading traders of imported multi-specialized woodworking and aluminum fabricating machines here in UAE and other GCC Countries. He is the Sole Proprietor/Managing Director of PaintEx. And with his very hands on management of his company, PaintEx can guarantee to provide the best solutions to our customers.
Company Profile...

PaintEx was established in 1996. Since then, PaintEx continuously providing the best solutions for Joineries, Carpentries, Aluminum Fabricators & Extruders, and Furniture factories of all the machineries, machine spare parts and materials they need that are 100% Guaranteed to be price competitive in local market.

PaintEx continuously expanding resources through the years to offer the effective and efficient products from Asia and Europe. 

For the past years that PaintEx exist in UAE market, we are very proud to say that PaintEx were  already dealing with the biggest Furniture Manufacturers, Joineries, Carpentries, and Aluminum Fabricators & Extruders in the country and in other Gulf Areas.  

Technical support will be provided as a must from our side to reach customer's satisfactions and delight in various ways. Trust is our slogan.

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